Computer Repair and Service By Barnegat Technologies  

We are here to serve as a complete solution for all of your home and business computer and networking needs. Need a computer system upgraded? We have all PC components such as hard drives, dvd drives, memory, graphic cards, etc.

If you’re not familiar with computers, not a problem! We also provide training at your home, in your environment. As far as networking goes… we’ve got you connected. We can provide you with a complete networking solution (switches, cabling, network cards, and servers).  Not only are we a fully equipped service center, we also offer “service calls” to your residence or business.

Service & Support: Is your computer running slow or have viruses, spyware or malware? Are you having problems accessing the Internet? Let us take a look. Specializing in computer repairs and upgrades, as well as home and small business networks. We’re more than happy to help you with your computer problems. Our technicians are certified by the Computer and Technology International Association, or more widely known as CompTIA A+ Certified Computer Technicians. Because of this widely recognized status, you can rest assure that when your computer is left in our hands, we’ll correctly complete all repairs in an efficient and timely manner.

Barnegat Technologies

Available Services

Networking Home Computers Together – Share files, printers, Internet.

Upgrading your PC – Get the most of your PC, maximize it!

On-Site Service – “House Calls” to your home or office.

Software Repairs – Repairing of damaged Operating Systems and programs.

Virus Isolation and Removal – Cleaning viruses from your computer.

Hardware Repairs – Replacing, repairing and/or configuring damaged components.

Laptop Systems – Board repairs and screen replacement.

File System Management – Combining and/or converting hard drive partitions.

Network Troubleshooting – Finding and fixing problems to networking bottlenecks and issues.

Training – Basic training on computer and network use.

If your computer locks up frequently when using any programs or if your computer runs slowly, you probably could use an upgrade, or maybe a routine system maintenance procedure. These days, we spend a great amount of time using PC’s, so why not invest in a well-running machine? You’ll end up saving more time and having a more enjoyable experience. Please contact a Barnegat Technologies representative for more information. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.