New WannaCry Ransomware Emerging and How to Protect Yourself

What is Ransomware?

What happens with ransomware is that your data is held hostage or even deleted until you pay the ransom.  This is done by utilizing something called social engineering.  Social Engineering is a method of scare tactics, trickery or gaining your trust by way of pop-up website advertisements with links to malicious files or emails that contain malicious files or links to malicious files.

The perpetrators often look for Information of value to your person or your business that you will pay to get back (operational data, documents, research, budget informationvendor’setc.)

How to Prevent Ransomware

How can you help prevent from this happening to you?Barneget Technologies

Backup in different backup formats on portable devices and keep offsite.  If you should have a fire, you don’t want your back up sitting next to your computer.  Hardware is easy to replace; data is not.

How often you should back up is up to you.  You need to ask yourself:  if I was to lost all my data today how would that make me feel?  Answers the question of whether to back up.  How much information am I willing to loose over a period of time?

Answers the question of how often I should back up.  The best backup is a bare metal backup or image backup.  It is a snapshot backup of your whole hard drive.

Keep your operating system (Windows, OSX, Linux, etc.) up to date by applying the operating systems manufacturers updates as they come out.  These updates not only repair bugs in the operating system but also repair security holes in your operating system as well.

You can also remove toolbars and watch out for the freeware.  Some are ok but may are malicious.

Use antivirus with anti-spam and link scanning.

Do not open suspicious emails.  Never open ones that you do not know the sender, not even to unsubscribe.  If it is an email from someone you know but subject is suspicious, do not open it.  The person that sent it may have a worm virus on their computer emailing itself to that person’s contact list.  Do not click on links or attachment in an email.  Do not install utilities on your computer.  The only utility your computer needs is virus protection (Internet Security for laptops).

If you should receive an email from a vendor to make a payment or read a message.   Do not click on any links.  Open the vendors website in a new browser to perform what needs to be done.

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