Scareware Scam

To many people are falling for it.


Steps To Take

I am having customers, when browsing the Internet, receive this scareware on their computers which states there is a virus on the computer or there is something wrong with the computer and to call a number. They usually state the number belongs to Microsoft. IT IS NOT MICROSOFT. IT IS A SCAM.   The reason for the name scareware is because it is designed to scare people into calling the number.  Some clients will contact us once they receive the scanware on their screen and usually the fix at this point is rather simple. Either close the window containing the scanware message or restart the computer.

The ones that call the number, reaching someone in another country, usually pay a charge between $300 – $500 and allow the scammers remote access to their computer. That is they access your computer not from your home but from usually another country. Once they have access to your computer, they have the ability to install a backdoor virus which allows them access to your computer when you are not aware of it or they can place spyware on your computer so they know what websites you are going to and what key sequences you are typing for user names and passwords. Once they have remote access to your computer, your computer will need to be cleaned by a local computer repair business you can trust.

If scareware pops up on your screen and you should have questions about it, DO NOT call the phone number they give you. Call your local computer repair shop instead or you may call us at 609.607.0065. We will not remote into your computer but will give you advise on how to proceed. Advise could be as simple as reboot your computer or as serious as recommending you taking your computer to your local computer repair shop.

Hope this helps people from falling into the hands of these scammers.

Its Not Microsoft

It's a Scam

Don't Call The Number They Give You

Call Us (609) 607-0065

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